[[ Rarely ever used RPing account. Currently [ today being 2/22/12 ] being renewed.

Anyways, I have gotten more comfortable with RPing Prussia and I will RP him as carefree, but with a hint of seriousness.
Don't be afraid to leave any RP starter or anything! :)
I don't own any of the pictures here, otherwise I will say so. ]]
Name's Awesome, bitches.


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…What the hell? How many Gilberts…or versions of Gilbert am I going to have to deal with?!

(( This makes 4 now. They’re everywhere! There’s no escape Liz! ))

Tch, well, hallo to you too, tranny.

[[ Oho. e v e ]]

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    Because. Would you have preferred if I had hit you with my frying pan?